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butane gas Ronson Neon Atlas Clipper Dunhill Gas Lighter Refill butane gas refill for lighter (Ship within Peninsular Malaysia )

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is the most universal gas lighter refill that you will ever need.

It is suitable for most gas lighters.

The Canister contains 250ml + 50ml free of butane gas

Ronson Butane Gas 300+50ml

 250ml + 50ml FREE Ronson Universal Gas Lighter Refill will keep your lighter working at its best.

 Ultra refined for maximum care and performance.

 When your lighter is out of fluid, fill your lighter with Ronson Universal Gas Lighter Refill.

 There are 5 extra nozzle types included to ensure every butane gas tool or refillable cigarette lighter can be refilled.Filling .

Altas Butane Gas

300ml universal gas refill 

Fast Ignition; Suitable for filling most popular refillable butane lighters and other butane products. 

Zero impurities, Clean burning

Made in UK

Recommended for optimum performance of Zippo butane lighters. 

WIn International 300ml

is the most universal gas lighter refill that you will ever need.

It is suitable for most gas lighters.

Package Included 1 x bottle  Only


1. If required, select appropriate adaptor and fit to valve stem (most devices do not require and adaptor.)

2. Invert can and press firmly into device filler valve.

3. Fill to the level recommended by the manufacturer of the device.

4. Escaping gas indicates either poor alignment of the filling nozzle, the wrong adaptor has been used or the device is already full.

5. Check for leaking gas before operating the device.Tips & Warnings:Keep in mind that lighter refill is extremely flammable aerosol and should be used with care. Keep away from any source of ignition.

Delivery within Peninsula Malaysia, no delivery to Sabah & Sarawak for flammable good.Return Policy: Goods inspected before shipment. Payment not refundable once shipped out. We do not offer return or exchange.Authorised distributor of All kinds of Quartz Clock & Watches, Calculators, ZIPPO Lighters, Strap, Battery & Watch Spare Parts.You can feel completely assured that you will be getting an authentic product.

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