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Raw Wide Tips Raw Rolling paper Filter Tips

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Type 1 ⇢ Original RAW Regular Rolling Tips (50 Tips Per Pack)

RAW Original Regular Rolling Tips is made to the same high standard and 

using the same natural unbleached chemical and chlorine-free fibres as 

you will find in the Natural rolling papers, allowing you to use a 

natural filter tip that does not impair any flavours or taste to your 

favourite smoke.


Type 2 ⇢ RAW Black Tips (50 Tips Per Pack)

Following the very successful release of the ever popular Raw Black 

skins, this Raw Black Tips Booklet contains 50 unperforated, naturally 

unrefined tips with the purest genuine fibres, truely RAWsome, truely 



Type 3 ⇢ Perforated RAW Wide Rolling Tips (50 Tips Per Pack)

RAW Perforated Wide Rolling Tips was created to get the burning ember 

further away from our faces.  The thing with tips is that everyone rolls

 differently and has different preferences.  These tips are made from 

our Hemptton paper and pressed for easy smooth rolling. 

Measures: 25mm x 57.15mm


Type 4 ⇢ RAW Cone Tips - Perfecto (32 Tips Per Pack) 

RAW Perfecto Cone Tips is an important part of rolls. Some people 

mistakenly call these 'filters' but they are NOT filters (they don't 

filter anything out, they're just a tip/spacer).

Our Perfecto Cone Rolling Tips are imported directly from Spain.

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